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CTI 46 Industrial Ohmmeter Pyrotechnic Safety 1 to 4 Channel

CTI46 Rack 19" CTI46 Rack 19"

CTI 46 is a pyrotechnic safety ohmmeter. It has been developed to carry out measurements in industrial environment, controls in production lines as well as in the laboratory. It is designed to perform measurements on pyrotechnic elements around which the safety of users is at stake.

Its main assets lie in its great versatility and high speed of measurement.

It is fully controllable by RS232 or Ethernet without adding options.

Main FeaturesFunctionsMeasurement and safety conditionsTypical ApplicationsDatasheet
  • 1/2/4 channels + Inter-channel measurements
  • Ohmmeter Calibres: 1Ω / 10Ω / 100Ω / 1KΩ / 10KΩ
  • Box set, short OEM case (without display) or rack 19  » 2U P260

  • Ohmmeter: The CTI46 has 4 main 4-wire measurement channels, with the ability to perform inter-channel measurements to adapt to more complex configurations.
  • PT100 function: The PT100 caliber allows the measurement of temperature.
  • Macro: The CTI46 makes it possible to carry out measurement groups without intervention of the user, in the form of macro commands.
  • Display: Setting LCD screen to fit your needs.
  • Communication: Access in Telnet, TCP or RS232 mode to configure or control it.

  • Measuring current much lower than the no-fire current (10mA as standard), 2V max on the ohmmeter outputs.
  • Connection on the test line only during the measurement period
  • Not exceeding a maximum safety current during a failure of the equipment (failure of the electronics, internal short circuit, …)
  • Discharge of residual electrostatic charges
  • Permanent self-control of the internal functions of the equipment
  • External safety loop allowing to power up the measuring circuits

  • Online production controls and tests
  • System tests consisting of several pyrotechnic initiators
  • Controls of technical elements (switches, winding, …)
  • Laboratory measurements