CTI43 Pyrotechnic safety ohmmeter

Pyrotechnic safety ohmmeter – CTI 43

Ohmmeter for continuous measurements

The CTI43 is a Pyrotechnic Safety Ohmmeter. It has been designed to perform continuous measurements in industrial environments, e-checks on production lines and in laboratory. It is designed to perform measurements on electro-pyrotechnic devices where users safety is at stake. Its main advantages are its great versatility and very fast measurement.
Main FeaturesFunctionsMeasurement conditions and safetyTypical applications
– Continuous measurement – 2 channels – 10 Ohms & 100 Ohms calibers – Table-top or 19-inch rack 2U P260 – Can be controlled via RS232 and Ethernet – Dry contact outputs for PLC – 4.3-inch colour touch screen
– 2  channels continuous measurement Ohmmeter – Quick acces screen to setup threshold – Display: Setting the LCD screen to fit your needs – Communication: Access mode Telnet / TCP or RS232 to set or control
– Measuring current much lower than the no-fire current – Connection to the test line only during the measurement period – Not exceeding a maximum current of safety during a failure of the equipment (electronic failure, internal short circuit, …) – Disposition of residual electrostatic charge – Permanent self-monitoring equipment’s internal functions – Outdoor Safety loop allowing power measurement circuitry
– Inspection and testing production line – Testing systems composed of several pyrotechnic initiators – Inspections of technical elements (switches, winding, …) – Laboratory Measurements
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