Firing Unit EXP128 AKLV16 EN

AK-LV 16 Firing Unit (Exploder) EXP128 – 1 channel

Front side- rack 19" 2U version 
Face arriere Rack 19"
Setup screen
Top bench version
Fire sequence screen

Firing Unit specifically designed to perform initiators tests according to the AK-LV 16 specification.

These fire units (exploder) are designed for testing in laboratories where users safety is at stake. This range has been specifically designed to perform initiators test according to the AK-LV 16 specification which necessitates to generate a constant current followed by a current ramps These firing Units are built on an innovative design, using the latest technologies, are fully digital and fully remotely controllable.
  • 200 ns Timing Steps
  • 6 amps per Channel
  • 2 or 4 Channel Outputs
  • Benchtop or Rack Mount Design
  • Easy Programming Interface
  • TTL Sync output to T0
  • Safety Interlock
Main FeaturesInternals
– 1 channel – 100µS / 100S, 10µs time steps – 100mA / 5A, 1mA current steps – Fully remotely controllable via RS232 or Ethernet – Versions Rack 19 ” 2U or Benchtop – Programmable constant current, time and current ramp – Floating firing line (isolated) – Analog monitoring 0-10V  current and voltage isolated – Inside data acquisition  V and I (Get back data over Ethernet – under develepment) – 6 independent trigger modes on each channel – Configurable functions (input delayed trigger, breaking load detection, …)
– Integrated security pyrotechnical Ohmmeter – Constant current pulse and ramp generator – Discharge Circuits (ESD) of firing lines – Safety devices: key, push-protected, input for external security door contacts / barriers – Safety circuit insulation off the line of fire safety conditions – Data acquisition Internal U and I (recovery of data over Ethernet) – Testing Laboratories – Bruceton Tests – Characterization of initiators